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Jan 11


Over time, your carpets and rugs see a lot of wear. Your carpets can see everything, from relaxation to party time. Midland Master Carpet Cleaners provides a professional carpet cleaning service.

There is so much to do every day that spills and stains are just a given. Although children and pets increase the likelihood of accidents, spills can also occur in adults. The good news? You can protect your carpets against these terrible incidents with the Carpet Protectant Pack by Midland Master Carpet Cleaners.

How Our Carpet Cleaning Service Protectant Package Works

Although carpets are designed to resist staining, some carpets can lose their stain repellent properties over time. The stain repellent will eventually wear away and carpets can become more vulnerable to stains, sometimes without your even being aware.

To solve this problem, we've created a Protectant Package that can be added to our carpet cleaning service. The Midland Master Carpet Cleaners ProtectantTM Pack is powerful, fast-acting, and works well with our innovative hot carbonating extraction cleaning process.

You can instantly refresh and revive the performance of your stain-resistant carpets by choosing this package. Our technicians will help to create a strong barrier to protect carpet fibers from soiling. You'll be able to clean up spillages before they get into the carpet and stain it.

Our Carpet Cleaning Service uses revolutionary protectorates

We use a trio of cutting-edge protections to revive carpets and give them incredible stain resistance. This is a quick overview of how these protectorates work.

PowerGuard Protectant

Do you have solution-dyed flooring? This type of carpet is best suited for the PowerGuard Protectant. This stain protector provides a useful boost to carpets, strengthening their stain-resistant qualities. You will feel more secure and your carpets' appearance will last longer.

Repel Protectant

Carpet fibers are delicate and tiny. You might wonder how you can protect them all. Repel Protectant is your answer.

This product is suitable for all types of carpets. It creates a protective shield around each carpet fiber. The liquid-repelling protection makes it impossible for stains to set. This allows you to soak up any liquids that might otherwise stain your carpets.

Wool Protectant

Carpets and rugs made with wool will often require special treatment to preserve their structural integrity in the long term. We have a protection solution for these carpet types.

Our Wool Protectant is water-based. It has been specially formulated to increase the wool's stain resistance properties. This protectant will make your wool carpets or rugs resistant to most liquid spillages while keeping stains at bay.

What's included in the Midland Master Carpet Cleaners Protectant Pack?

Our Protectant Package includes more than just the application of the right stain-fighting solution for your carpet type. You will also benefit from our innovative carpet cleaning Midland method and the extensive expertise of our technicians.

These are the carpet cleaning services included with the Protectant Package.

  • Carpet and rug inspections
  • Spot testing can yield the best results
  • Thorough pre-vacuuming
  • Deep cleaning using Hot Carbonating Extraction
  • Cleaning and brushing carpet piles
  • Use a stain-fighting carpet protector

Are you looking for more than just stain protection? Take a look at our Healthy Home Package. This package includes all of our carpet cleaning services as well as a deodorizing solution to fight lingering smells, leaving your carpet with an appealing new scent.

Learn more about our carpet cleaning services packages and get started today!


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