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Jan 11


Although you may know that it is time to clean your upholstered furnishings, you might not know exactly how to do so. If you've ever tried DIY Arlington upholstery cleaning, chances are you've found the results to be less thorough and effective than you thought.

It is possible to ensure the best upholstery cleaning service for your furniture. You'll feel confident knowing that your furniture is in good hands with professional upholstery cleaning. Arlington Carpet Cleaners has a comprehensive process that makes your home look cleaner.

Arlington Carpet Cleaners is offering professional couch cleaning. Below you will find answers to some of the most common questions we get. This information will help you make the right steps to ensure your furniture looks and feels its best.

Answers to your Upholstery Cleaning Queries

How often should I clean my upholstered furniture?

There are many factors that affect the frequency at which upholstery furniture should be cleaned. The manufacturer's recommendations are the first. Typically, manufacturers recommend having upholstered furniture professionally cleaned once every 24-48 months.

You may need to increase the frequency at which your furniture is cleaned if there are children and pets in your household. If you have allergies or asthma, it may be worth cleaning your upholstery more often to help relieve some symptoms.

Is upholstery cleaning the same as carpet cleaning?

Upholstery is more fragile than carpet so it should be cleaned with care. It can also be damaged if excess water is used during the cleaning process.

This is why our Hot Carbonating Extract process is such an excellent option for cleaning carpets and upholstery. The carbonated solution is used to extract dirt and dust from upholstery fibers. These contaminants are then removed and the liquid solution is used to clean your furniture without the need for harsh scrubbing or excess water.

Why is it important to have your upholstery professionally cleaned?

Even carpeted homes have upholstered furniture that traps dust and allergens. It is the right choice to clean your furniture.

Our professionals can clean your upholstered furniture from harmful contaminants. Regular cleanings keep your upholstery free from dust and debris. Our upholstery cleaning services will make your upholstery feel, look, and smell great. This is something that can't be said for DIY methods.

Can I remove stains from my upholstery using professional cleaning?

Yes! Yes, our upholstery cleaning services are able to remove the most stubborn stains. We employ innovative techniques to gently remove the root cause.

We can also help protect your furniture from future accidents and spillages with our Protectant package. This increases the stain resistance of upholstered fabrics and creates a barrier for fragile fibers.

How long does it take for my furniture after upholstery cleaning?

Our Hot Carbonating Extraction process is more efficient than conventional cleaning methods because it doesn't rely on excessive water usage. Your furniture will dry much faster. Our clients find that their furniture can dry in a matter of hours. Some fabrics and soiled pieces may need to dry overnight.

Is it possible to clean leather or suede furniture also?

Our Certified Leather Specialists will be happy to provide the best cleaning for your leather and suede furniture. Our experts will clean and restore your leather upholstery. They can also repair and protect leather furnishings. Our help can greatly extend the life expectancy of leather couches and sofas.

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